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No matter where you are in the ‘move up’ process, selling your biggest asset can be a daunting task to say the least.  That is, with preparing the house, finally getting around to that pesky deferred maintenance, touch up paint, finish landscaping, staging, interviewing agents, finding the right buyer, opening escrow, providing endless amounts of documents for closing etc,, etc.  Not to mention, finding another home and then packing and finally moving.  No wonder psychologists say it’s one of the most mentally and emotionally draining experiences a person or couple can go through.

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But not so with MrHomeFinders ‘Smart Sellers’ Program.  With MrHomeFinders Smart Sellers program, we guarantee that we handle all the mess and stress for you.  We have very friendly and professionally trained licensees to assist at every step, one at a time without missing any steps or shortcutting in between.  With MrHomeFinders Smart Sellers program 222 steps are preformed to get you to your new destination in life.  Thank goodness you only have to do ‘two’ of these to get started.  One is: contact MrHomeFinder’ by clicking on the button below and the second is; Call the movers, because you’ll be ‘on your way’!


Steven Scott

"MrHomeFinder made it 'easy peasy' and we got far more than expected! They're our Realtors for life and that's for sure!.

Ken & Linda Appleton

"Netted more from the sale of our property and got a great buy on a bigger, better home without hassle or problems of paying double commissions or high closing costs”

Ken & MaryAnne Pientka

"At first we thought MrHomeFinders 'Smart Sellers Program' sounded like a sales pitch, but now we realize just how smart we were not to judge too fast”

Pam Palazzola

"What a great name MrHomefinder! That's exactly what they did, found us a great new home that even the internet didn't have listed for sale and sold our home for above market price” ,