This page is for video content. I have found that the best way to teach is to effect all the modalities and video gives us that opportunity. I hope you find these videos useful, educational and some just a little bit humorous!

How To Understand Exactly What Pre-Approval Letters Are All About And How To Utilize A Little Known Secret To Use A Pre Approval From An Underwriter To Get The Best Price And Terms On Your Next Home Purchase.

How To Evaluate Your Homes Marketable Sales Price And Select Your Next Agent. (a little humorous).;

Is Your Banker Possibly Keeping You From Getting The Home You Really Want?  I Mean, Are You Being Told "This Is What You Qualify For"  But Somehow You Just Know There Has To Be Some Other, Better Home Loan Options Available To Your Personal Situation? Hummm?  Watch This Video!

Whether You're Thinking Of Buying A Home, Selling Your Present One, Or Perhaps You're A "Flipper" or Investor, The Information In This Video Is For You!